The following release contributed by David Myers of the GSA (U.S. General Services Administration)

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

Current Project: Façade Replacement

Building Status: The building has shown signs of deterioration. Observations found that the façade brick was not securely anchored to the substrate and there is potential for the brick to peel away. A study was completed in April 2012 providing options to fix the issues. The objective of this project is to re-establish the structural integrity of the exterior shell and prevent further damage to property while maintaining some semblance of the present architectural features.


  • The northeast entrance was closed in June 2012 due to safety concerns from potential brick/masonry and glazing/window movement in a seismic or high-velocity wind event. This entrance will remain closed until repairs to the façade can be completed.
  • Building tenants and visitors are currently being directed to the northwest entrance. That entrance (to the post office) is open and will remain open. A protective canopy was installed on Monday (Oct. 8) and a protective fence is currently being installed around the entire building in preparation for the façade replacement project.
  • The façade replacement project involves the use of anchors to stabilize and mitigate any potential movement. Masonry will be covered by a metal stud and an exterior insulation finish system over metal studs, connected to the existing building masonry. Pending funding approval, work on the façade will begin in February 2013. The project is expected to complete by June 2013.
  • The east entrance is closed to prevent tenants and visitors from accessing unoccupied space in the building.
  • Although there is vacancy, there has been no occupancy change. Current tenants are expected to continue operations at the facility.
  • GSA has conducted several studies to determine if the property should be retained by the Government or transferred to another entity. Due to the U.S. Courts on-going need to hold proceedings in Hannibal, a decision has been made to retain the property. (No Federal judge resides at the facility, but it is used several times each year for hearings.) Periodic reviews of building usage are expected to continue.

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