If you want to go to the largest waterpark in America, you don't need to travel far. That honor goes to Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin and you can get a virtual tour through pictures and videos.

Thanks to a YouTube coaster channel called (appropriately enough) The Coaster Spot, you can see what Noah's Ark Waterpark in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells. This isn't a complete walkthrough of the waterpark, but it's close.

Inside America's Biggest Waterpark - Noah's Ark in Wisconsin

Gallery Credit: The Coaster Spot via YouTube

The video walkthrough gives you an even better idea of what this enormous waterpark is like if you've never been.

Opening day for Noah's Ark Waterpark is May 25 right before Memorial Day weekend. Get more specifics and details on what awaits you in the park through the official Noah's Ark Waterpark website.

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