New technology coming to the Hannibal Police Department might have answered some questions surrounding the Ferguson shooting.

The Hannibal City Council Tuesday night approved the lease-purchase of 11 Ford Police Interceptors in early 2015 equipped with video cameras.  Police Chief Lyndell Davis says the in-car cameras come at a significant price.  Davis says while the cameras will not always prevent a “Ferguson-type” incident, they are a valuable tool in police work.  The total price for the 11 cars after trade-ins and budgeted down payment  is about $265,000.  The low bidder was Lou Fusz Ford in St. Louis.

In other business:

  • The Game On sports bar will remain in the penalty box.  Owner Vicki Cassady appealed the $500 fine for selling liquor to minors twice in 12 months.  The violations occurred during alcohol compliance checks conducted by police.  Cassady told the council the first violation occurred shortly after the business opened in 2013 and the undercover police informant served was just one day shy of age 21.  However, Sergeant Grote of the Hannibal Police Department disputed Cassady’s story;  Grote stated the informant was 18 or 19.  After much discussion, the council upheld the $500 penalty.
  • Harold Lain of 611 Grand  questioned why the City did not discover during the 2006 Grand Avenue project that his sewer was illegally connected to the storm sewer.  Heath Hall of the Board of Public Works said the city was not specifically looking for sewer misconnections during the street improvements, but they did correct a couple in the immediate construction area.  Lain’s sewer is outside the construction area.  City Manager Jeff LaGarce said the City began checking sewer lines after the DNR  received an “anonymous report” of illegally connected sewer lines involving several homes.  Lain said the 5 year sewer charge rebate  is not sufficient to cover the costs of reconnection. The council decided the City will do the street reconstruction work and urged Lain to work with BPW on a potential cost-saving option.
  • Julie Rolsen and John Lyng of the Historic Marketing Council  requested advance approval for street closures for the Twain on Main Festival held Memorial Day weekend in downtown Hannibal.  The request was for years 2015 through 2019.  The event has grown and some vendors express interest in booth reservations almost a year in advance.  The council opted to approve the request for 2015 only.
  • Public Works Superintendent Brian Chaplin received approval to sell City surplus property at an auction September 27.  Auctioneer John Yancey will donate his services.
  • Chaplain also received approval for permanent street closures of portions of Lemon and Wardlaw Streets around the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The council also approved the installation of "No Semi Traffic" signs on New London Gravel and Orchard Avenue.
  • A Public Hearing is approved for Tuesday, Sept. 2nd at 6:45 p.m. in Council Chambers to discuss the 2014 Property Tax Levy.