The good news is there were no major earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault Zone during the month of June, but that doesn't mean this seismically-active area wasn't rocking. Missourians reported feeling dozens of quakes over the past 30 days.

I do daily checks on the New Madrid Fault Seismic Zone since this area is in all of our Missouri backyards. According to the USGS, these are all the confirmed quakes for the month of June.


That's a grand total of 22 confirmed New Madrid Seismic Zone quakes in June that seismologists at the USGS took a look at and documented.

While there were no major New Madrid quakes in Missouri during the month of June, one of the largest of the year in that area was recorded about one week ago.

What are the chances that there will be a major New Madrid earthquake in our lifetime?

As St. Charles County, Missouri and the USGS say, there's between a 7 and 10% chance of a 7.5 to 8.0 magnitude quake in the next 50 years. While that seems like a long shot, it really boils down to a 1 in 10 chance which is not insignificant.

All things considered, the month of June was rather ordinary for a month along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Now, we wait to see what July has in store for us. My vote is for another boring earthquake month.

Simulation Shows the Terror of a 7.7 New Madrid Quake in Missouri

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