I am not a fan of stereotypes of anything and love proving the incorrect ones untrue. There's a perception that Missouri Amish families cannot use firearms, but the truth might just surprise you.

I was not interested in opinions on Amish life from anyone other than real Amish people and/or communities. That's why I checked Amish Baskets who tackled the question "Do the Amish Use Guns?"

The answer of Missouri Amish communities and firearms is an interesting and complex one. Yes, Amish families are pacifists and don't even celebrate holidays based around military victories. However, they DO have firearms almost without exception. 

Before you jump to the conclusion that the TV show about the Amish mafia is really true, the opposite is actually accurate.

While firearms are more common among Missouri Amish communities than you might think, they are for one purpose and one purpose only - Hunting.

The Amish Baskets site points out that the idea of an Amish Mafia is likely offensive to a real Missouri Amish community. You will never see an Amish person use a firearm against another human even if they are doing it in self-defense. The respect for life and the belief that violence against other humans is wrong would prohibit any weapon use against a person. It simply would never happen.

The loyalty to their faith in God and dedication to humility would supersede any inclination for using a firearm against a human.

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