According to a release, the Hannibal Police Department made 290 felony narcotic arrests in 2016, which is up 30 percent compared to the 223 in 2015. Misdemeanor narcotic arrests are up 22 percent (430 in 2016 and 353 in 2015).

“The increase in narcotic arrests is largely due to the work of HPD’s Anti-crime Enforcement Squad (ACES)” stated Chief Lyndell Davis. “One of the main objectives of the ACES is to target drug distribution in the community. We continue to focus primarily on heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine distribution but anytime we develop enough actionable information concerning other drugs we pursue those as well."

Davis also addresses the need for access to local, affordable, and effective treatment services.

“Treatment is beyond the scope of law enforcement,” he says. “But we [HPD] would support positive constructive local efforts aimed at developing effective and affordable treatment beyond what is currently offered. There are just far too many users that feed the demand for these drugs.”

There were 136 felony arrests in 2014 and 295 misdemeanor arrests.

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