What will people who are addicted to meth do to protect their lifestyle? Apparently just about anything if a booby trap found in a Missouri meth house is any indication.

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I saw this shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page. There's no specific address given, but it shows a guy who realized there was a trigger on a staircase leading to an upstairs area which was apparently used by meth addicts. That middle step is a doozie.

As you might imagine considering it's Reddit, the comments have been...colorful. One person pointed out that while Missouri used to be considered the one state with the biggest meth addiction problem, it's not even among the top 10 states anymore. The Recovery Village confirms that is true. Illinois is up to #4 though with Michigan now ranked as the one state with the worst meth problem.

If you look back to 2014, the Missouri Highway Patrol shared data on meth seizures which showed Missouri at #3 back then. The sad cost to so many lives both individuals and families cannot be measured.

No matter the location of this stair booby trap in a meth house, it just shows how desperate chemicals like this can make a person. One person commented on Reddit that Kevin from Home Alone had taken it too far. That would be funny if the reality of meth use wasn't so sad and pathetic.

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