The fact that the state of Missouri is warning about this means it's happened before. That alone should scare you. Yes, there is officially something bizarre that people in Missouri will be fined for soon if they're caught wearing them while driving.

I will admit that this warning from the Missouri Department of Transportation made me laugh, but it's really a serious (somewhat) issue. You might want to sit down for this as you might fall over from laughing.

This just in. DO NOT wear your solar eclipse glasses while driving, Missourians. (*face palm*)

Even the Missouri Highway Patrol had to issue a warning about this.

Think about this for a second. The state of Missouri had to warn everyone because someone did this when the last solar eclipse crossed the state back in August of 2017. Imagine what that conversation with the Missouri state trooper must have been like...

  • Missouri state trooper - "You know why I'm pulling you over, right?"
  • Dumb driver - "Was it the 'I'm driving with stupid' bumper sticker?"
  • Missouri state trooper - "Well, that too. But it's about those solar eclipse glasses you're wearing".
  • Dumb driver - "Oh, you like them and want to know where you can get yours?"
  • Missouri state trooper - "Get out of the car and put your hands on the hood now!"

It's possible that this conversation never happened in Missouri in 2017, but I'm betting something similar did.

There's your Missouri pro tip of the day. Wear the solar eclipse glasses only during the eclipse and not while driving. You are welcome.

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