My wife has already informed me that she will not be going outside to get the mail once Spring arrives this year in 2024. Why? It's because Missouri is officially on the arrival list for a nasty bug that hasn't been in the state for 13 years.

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Might as well prepare for the screaming now as this bug is heading to Missouri in the millions according to a brand new story from USA Today. Their description of this pest is accurate and disturbing:

They have glowing red eyes, are known for their screaming and number in the millions.

What bug are they referring to?

Give yourself a cookie if you said CICADAS. Wikipedia says "they have an exceptionally loud song" and they're not wrong. It's not just any old cicada either. It's the dreaded "Brood XIX cicadas". They exist in a 13-year cycle and haven't been in Missouri since 2011. Guess what? They're on their way back in a few months.

When will these cicadas arrive in Missouri?

Based on their 13-year cycle, you can expect the screaming of these bugs in Missouri around May.

You don't need to fear cicadas as they aren't dangerous and many birds will have a feast day when they arrive. Hooray for our feathered friends.

The good news (if you're not a cicada fan) is that they only live about one month then they have a mass die-off. Then, it'll be another wait of 13 years before Missouri once again gets invaded by the screaming bugs. What do you have planned for the year 2037? Asking for a (buggy) friend.

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