Cheese elitists are on the warpath against what is easily the most popular cheese brand in Missouri. They are on a campaign to convince the Show Me State to avoid it at all costs. If you could see me now, you would see me rolling my eyes.

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Since I maintain an almost constant low carbohydrate diet routine, I know a thing or two about cheese. The more genuine the cheese, the lower the carbs normally. That's why I was intrigued by a brand new ranking from 24/7 Wall St that rattled off 7 cheese brands to avoid. #1 on their list is easily the most popular cheese brand in Missouri if not the rest of America, too.

Before I bag on their cheese rant, I will give them credit for one thing. You do need to pay attention to how much "cheese" is in the "cheese" you buy. They point out that the FDA requires a certain amount of actual cheese in a food for it to be called "cheese" and that plays a big part in the #1 cheese brand villain on their list.

What Missouri cheese favorite is the #1 brand the 'experts' say to avoid?

It's Kraft American Singles. How many Missouri households have Kraft cheese in them? A vast majority is the likely answer.

They slam Kraft for having very few actual cheese curds in their product and they're not necessarily wrong. However, I trust the good citizens of Missouri to be smart enough to understand whether they're buying "cheese food" or real cheese. I am of the opinion that few in Missouri will change their food buying habits because of what 'experts' have to say. We're stubborn that way.

It's not that the article from 24/7 Wall St is bad. Not at all. If nothing else, it's a helpful reminder to know what you are eating. Will I continue to get Kraft "Singles"? Yes, I sure will, but thanks internet for your concern about my cheese habits.

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