If you're a bear in Missouri, you might want to find a different place to be in October. However, if you're a hunter, the state of Missouri has set the next bear hunting season and it begins in October.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation successfully had the first ever bear hunting season in 2021 in an effort to manage an ever-growing population within the state. In 2022, bear hunting season in Missouri will begin October 17 and continue through October 26. Just like last year, hunters will need to do several things to make sure they're hunting legally. First and most obvious is to make sure they have a valid Missouri bear permit. The other key factor is they have once again established a limit to how many bears can be harvested. Hunters will need to call 800-668-4045 every day prior to hunting to make sure that quota has not been reached.

In 2021, 400 hunters were chosen to participate in the first-ever bear hunt. There's no word if that's the same number that will be chosen this year.

The growing number of bear sightings in Missouri are one of the factors into why population management has now begun.

It's also worth noting that bears are not allowed to be hunted if they've sought refuge in a den according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. They also only allow lone bears to be hunted and not a mother with cubs.

It's a good idea to check the Missouri Department of Conservation bear hunting page often for updates and potentially new information as the state continues its efforts to managing these apex predators in our midst.

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