It's no secret that some serious storms have moved through Kansas, Missouri and Illinois over the past day. The Kansas City area was treated with a spectacular lightning display as a new video share shows.

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I first saw this shared by Storyful on YouTube of how bright the skies became as lightning erupted Tuesday night.

The same storm that provided the lightning also dropped at least one tornado as reported on Twitter by the National Weather Service.

According to KMBC, the tornado was a relatively weak EF1, but it still caused quite a bit of damage as their drone video shows.

As NOAA mentions, ground to cloud lightning is not unusual. They estimate this type of lightning travels at 60,000 miles per second. They say that as many as 20 different "strokes" can escalate from one of these strikes. Shocking.

Lightning is not new to us (duh), but it's not every day that you see a display like the one over Kansas City Tuesday night.

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