I have never heard this story before, but I now have to know more. A new video claims to show a "UFO" that a Missouri man built to launch himself into space. Oh, please tell me more.

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Have you heard the one about the Brumley, Missouri dude who thought he could blast himself into space by building a concrete (yes, concrete) rocket? Neither have I, but allegedly this is what remains of his "space vehicle".

Quick question. So...the guy tried and died, but it's funny? I'm confused. In her defense, she admits this is just the story she was told and you know how Missouri legends are. That one fun uncle tells you a story and then you tell your cousin and years later, it's the tale of a guy who built a spaceship out of concrete.

The one reason I tend to think there's a real story here is Brumley, Missouri is known for weird happenings. Travel Channel did an episode there a few years ago about something strange. Then, there was that weird UFO video taken from a plane over that part of Missouri a few months ago. Maybe this legendary Brumley guy was just trying to rejoin his space brothers? Hey, I'm just thinking out loud here.

UFO Hunters has an entire page devoted to Brumley, Missouri stuff, so you never know. Maybe this is the remnant of a real Missouri UFO after all.

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