Expect a steady rise on the Mississippi river over the next several days.
The River at Hannibal this morning is at 13.47 feet, up from 11.7 feet late Friday night. The National Weather service says the river will rise steadily to 16.5 feet at Hannibal by March 11th. Flood stage is 16 feet at Hannibal.

Elsewhere, steady rise is also expected elsewhere along the Mississippi in the area.  Canton reports a river stage of 10.77 feet this morning with the river rising to 14.7 feet on Friday morning. Technical flood stage at Canton is 14 feet.

Quincy was at 12.54 feet this morning with a forecast rise to 17.6 feet on Friday, March 10th. Flood stage at Quincy is 17 feet.

At Louisiana, the river is at 12.27 feet this morning. The current forecast calls for the Mississippi to reach 15.9 feet at Louisiana late on Friday March 10th.

At Clarksville, the Mississippi is at 21.8 feet with the river expected to reach 26 feet on Saturday March 11.

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