For once, I knew something that other people didn't. Shocking, I know. If you've seen strange looking orange or red paint (or possibly even some others) in Missouri, there's an explanation about what's going on.

I can use my own hometown of Canton, Missouri as an example of what it means when you see paint on the ground that you didn't see before. Here's the city's explanation of what's happening right now.

Since I'm a certified computer technician, I actually know all about the fiber optic cables. Another sign the apocalypse is near is me knowing something before others. Miracles do happen.

If you see paint on the ground, did you know there's a standard code that all utility companies abide by? Smart Signs mentions the codes are as follows:

Red - Power lines, cables or conduits

Orange - Telecommunications lines

Yellow - Gas, oil and petroleum lines

Blue - Potable water underneath

Green - Sewer and drain lines

Pink - Someone is surveying

Purple - Water and irrigation markings

As the City of Canton, Missouri mentioned in their Facebook post, the lines in the town are for an internet provider who's laying down fiber optic cables because who doesn't love the internet?

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