This is not your typical "oh, look...a bear" video. There's a hilarious twist to this one. A Midwest hunter just dropped video of two bears who tried to climb his deer stand, but there's an even better punch line.

I'll let the hunter himself give you the big aha moment to this unique experience:

I was bow hunting for deer and a black bear cub climbed up my tree stand as I was watching the Bears football game on my phone. By the time I realized what was happening it was near my feet. We were all very surprised

Bears try to get you while you're watching...the Bears. CLASSIC. This happened in Michigan, by the way.

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If you're thinking that these two tiny cubs couldn't have done any harm, guess again. First of all, they are more than capable of maiming you if they think you're prey. Second, if there are cubs near you, there is likely a mother bear also close who wouldn't think twice about separating you from your life.

Oh, by the way, the hunter was happy because the Bears (football team) won. As for the cubs, they'll have their day eventually.

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