I think alligators are amazing creatures. I'd like to see one, but there's the whole "it might bite your arm off" problem. There is new video of an alligator that really is in Missouri, but it's probably fine.

I saw this YouTube short today shared by Zach Coomber in Springfield, Missouri. Imagine seeing these eyes peering out of the water at you.

Zach Coomber via YouTube
Zach Coomber via YouTube

Don't believe me? Watch Zach's video for yourself. This really is an alligator in Missouri.

The reason why there is no serious alarm is this young gator is at Bass Pro Shops at 1935 S Campbell Ave in Springfield, Missouri. The reviews on Trip Advisor are hilarious with people that suddenly realize there are live alligators. Joan P wrote "They have live fish in ponds, ducks, a theatre on the second floor, live alligators, stuffed bears and deer all around the store". Joan isn't wrong.

There are several people who witnessed the alligator feeding which is quite a sight.

There really was a time when a small Missouri town was nearly taken over by real alligators thanks to a salesman from Florida. That was really terrifying. The live alligators at Bass Pro Shops are harmless...assuming you don't find a way into their enclosure. Don't do that or your alligator toast.

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