If you've lived in the Midwest for any length of time, you know that sometimes weird things just happen. That motto proved true once again as a new video share shows that fun time when a Midwest guy took his dog out to the park and it ended up being a play date with a deer named Spike.

The dad in this story shared some of the backstory about how his Yellow Lab and Bambi the deer named Spike became fast friends.

As my dog and I headed back to the parking lot to leave, I felt like something was following us. I turned around to look, and to my surprise, a deer was keeping pace not far behind us. I didn't really know what to think at first, so I rushed back to my truck to gather myself...This took place...near Wadena, Minnesota, at Blacks Grove Park. All in all, we spent about an hour recording and hanging out with this young buck that my son named Spike until it was getting too dark to see, and he started heading back into the woods

He wasn't kidding. This wasn't just a quick one-off dog meets deer encounter. It truly was an adventure.

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The fact that it happened in September makes me think this young buck was preparing for the rut in his older years. But, that's just me wondering about a deer's reproductive future. (*face palm*)

It's another one of those fun dog vs wildlife moments that just kinda happen sometimes when you live in our part of America.

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