Comedian and Actor Michael Rapaport was set to perform multiple shows in Illinois this weekend but the venue has officially canceled the shows, why? Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article from WGN, The Comedy Vault in suburban Chicago has canceled this weekend's shows featuring outspoken Jewish comedian Michael Rapaport. Rapaport has been very pro-Isreal and pro-Trump on his social media pages and was set to perform multiple shows this coming weekend.

Why did The Comedy Vault decide to cancel the shows? According to the article, they say "Batavia Police Chief Shawn Mazza said the owner of The Comedy Vault, not the city, decided to cancel Rapaport’s shows and that police were planning to provide additional patrols if necessary." The article mentions that The Comedy Vault claims they did it in the interest of safety after threats of violence had been made against the club and the staff, to read more on this issue, click here!

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I Don't Blame the Comedy Club

The club was quoted as saying that they welcome all different types of comedians and the political views they bring, I don't think this is a situation where the comedy club is trying to censor Rapaport with his pro-Israel and pro-Trump views. I believe the only reason this show was canceled was because of extremists on the opposing side of Rapaport's views threatening violence to businesses and their workers. What happened to just simply disagreeing with someone and minding your own business, why is it that if you are anti-Trump or anti-Israel you can threaten businesses, people, and performers and force them to cancel shows for fear of what you and your gangs of people may do at the show, and not be punished for that? I hope the police look into the threats and charge these unhinged people.

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