We drive across bridges every day and barges drive under those same bridges, how safe are the bridges in the Land of Lincoln, the numbers may surprise you...

According to a new article from advantagenews.com, only 86% of the bridges in Illinois are in "acceptable" condition, which means 14% of the bridges in the Land of Lincoln don't qualify as acceptable, these numbers are coming straight from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

In the article, they say "Illinois is spending more than $25 billion over six years on roads and bridges through the Rebuild Illinois program, plus an estimated $1.4 billion in federal funding for bridge replacement and repair." The article goes on to mention that it is not just Illinois, but according to the experts there are over 17,000 bridges in the US that are deemed to be "fracture-critical" for more details on the bridge safety in Illinois, click here!

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Acceptable isn't good, right?

Obviously, I am very concerned to hear that 14% of the bridges in Illinois don't meet the acceptable category, those bridges should be worked on ASAP, and drivers should know which bridges are not on the acceptable list, we should have the choice to drive on them or not. Furthermore...Acceptable isn't exactly, THRIVING, GREAT, or let alone FANTASTIC... Saying that a bridge that is crucial to industry, economy, travel, and human lives, is just acceptable seems not good enough. Maybe I am worrying too much since viewing the video of the Baltimore bridge collapse, but I'm sorry, I want the bridges that I drive on to be more than acceptable, right?

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