The solar farms have been approved and will be built, but where...? Here is everything you need to know about the construction of three new massive solar farms in the Show-Me State.

According to an article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Ameren has been given the ok to construct three solar farms in Missouri. The farms are going to be able to power over 70,000 homes according to Ameren, and will move Ameren towards being a more renewable energy company.

Where are they going to be??? The article says the three locations that have been chosen for the solar farms are Bowling Green, Warren County, and Vandalia. They also say, that there could be a fourth site of solar panels coming to Illinois, and Ameren will employ grazing animals around the solar farms to save on costs. To read more about these new solar farms coming to the Show-Me State, click here! 

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For Better or Worse...

Can I just say I would rather drive by a solar farm than a wind farm? Is that the consensus, or am I in the minority? We are living through a time of change, and one of the biggest changes we and our kids will see over the next 30 years is more and more solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources being prioritized over everything else. Living in Quincy we drive by Bowling Green quite a bit on our way to St. Louis, I wonder if the solar farm will be built near the highway where we can see it.

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