The spook light that appears near Joplin, Missouri has been a mystery for a century and a half with no scientific explanation as of this date. There is a new theory that claims ghosts aren't responsible for the mysterious lights that sometimes appear on the horizon in that part of Missouri, but something else entirely otherworldly.

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If somehow you're not aware of the Joplin Spook Light, it is a phenomenon that dates back to the first reports in the mid-1800's. A recent investigation trying to debunk the Joplin Spook Light ended up confirming that something paranormal is going on.

Boozy Bros via YouTube
Boozy Bros via YouTube

Over the past 150 years, many have believed that it was the ghosts of travelers who have perished on that road in eastern Oklahoma and western Missouri that was responsible for the strange lights.

A new episode of The Why Files explored the Ghost/Spook Light phenomena and came up with a different possibility - alien technology.

The observation is that those who have witnessed the Joplin Spook Light have experienced something similar to what those who have encountered UFO's and alleged "aliens" have. There is some belief that there is some kind of otherworldly connection which would explain how and why these lights appear and suddenly disappear with no warning.

Are the Joplin Spook Light episodes part of an alien conspiracy? I'm not willing to make that leap, but do believe something paranormal is at work. There are too many decades of eyewitnesses in Missouri to discount it completely.

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