It would be a good idea to check your bank account regularly anyway, but today is an especially good day to make sure nothing is unusual is going on in your Missouri account as there are multiple reports of a massive cyberattack that is affecting at least 60 credit unions right now.

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The Register is reporting that as of this writing at least 60 credit unions are offline after ransomware affected a cloud-based service many credit unions rely on. CNN says that a federal agency has confirmed this attack and that the National Credit Union Administration is working with financial institutions that were affected. I checked their site and there is no official statement as of this time, but it appears they're quietly taking measures to fix the problem.

Let's be clear. The feds are not saying which credit unions are affected to avoid a panic. The Record has only identified one in New York state that is down as of this writing. There is no confirmation that any Missouri or Illinois credit unions are affected, but the cloud-based service that was attacked is relied on by many across the country. Better safe than sorry.

It's not unusual for companies to not want to disclose many details when a cyberattack like this happens to avoid causing fear especially when it's customers who's finances are potentially at risk.

The Record reported that this increase in cyberattacks on credit unions was predicted by the NCUA. The good news for customers is the accounts are insured and there's no evidence yet that any customers have lost money because of this attack.

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