Missouri is almost number one for something no state ever wants to be number one for. When it comes to doing a good job operating your motor vehicle of choice, Missouri drivers are almost the worst in America. I'll try to explain.

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I was in the middle of doing research into a completely different topic when I came across this thing shared by The Zebra. They did some car math to figure out 10 states with the best and worst drivers. I'll give you two guesses, but you'll only need one as to where Missouri landed.

On the good list, you'll find Tennessee (very debatable), Oregon, Arizona, Florida (really?!) and Washington state.

Now, let's discuss the naughty driving states - looking at you, Missouri.

According to The Zebra, Missouri drivers are the 2nd worst in America. Here's the kicker: Missouri drivers agreed with this. They said "72% of Missouri drivers admit to poor driving habits". (*face palm*)

But wait, there's more. Missouri drivers kept talking about how bad they were/are. "Honking in anger" is their favorite expression of emotion behind the wheel. Hey, at least we're being honest with the rest of America.

There's yet another ranking I found from Patch dating back a few years that also named Missouri as one of the top 5 bad driving states. Back then, Missouri was #3, but apparently we're perfecting our lack of driving skills.

This is hard for me to admit as I've always given my wife a hard time since she was born and raised in Iowa about how bad drivers are there. Now, my home state has climbed to almost the top of driving infamy. Well done, Show Me State. I'll never hear the end of this.

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