Hospitality is an underrated luxury in this day and age. That's becoming an even more rare commodity based on a survey of travelers that say 2 of America's rudest cities are in Missouri.

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This ranking is not some internet blogger's opinion. It's a survey conducted by Business Insider which has been around for awhile. They asked more than 2,000 adults to choose the top 5 rudest cities they had ever been to. Out of those, they pulled the numbers and named the top 50 that were said to be rude most often.

What Missouri cities made the rudest cities in America list?

St. Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri were both named by 2.7% of respondents as being the rudest the most often. What's interesting is that none of the respondents apparently named the Kansas part of Kansas City. Just the Missouri side.

Here are some thoughts from me, a man that was born and raised in Missouri. I've been in St. Louis more than Kansas City in my lifetime, but have never had a really bad experience in either metro. Have been to many a St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs game and the only annoyance was the impatience of some in the big cities. I can also say that I had some kind people go out of their way to be helpful including one parking attendant in a not-so-nice part of St. Louis. I was pleasantly surprised.

Side note: Chicago was named the 4th rudest city in America. Well done, Windy City.

However, I can't really argue with traveler's perceptions of Missouri cities. Rudeness sadly happens to everyone sooner or later.

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