It's a complicated deal that isn't final yet, but it could mean that more than a dozen Illinois grocery stores are about to get new names soon.

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I saw an article shared by Boise Dev about Kroger's desire to buy Albertsons. It's being reported that when/if Kroger completes the deal with as of this writing is pending FTC approval, the article says "it will sell 400+ stores".

How does this affect the 14 Illinois grocery store locations:

The article reports that C&S will be receiving 14 Illinois locations which could then be renamed. That COULD mean that there will suddenly be 14 Albertsons grocery stores in Illinois. The key word is "could" as the feds are still investigating whether or not to approve this sale. That would be quite a change as the Albertsons store locator currently shows no locations in the Land of Lincoln.

Albertsons is one of the largest food retailers in America with stores in 34 different states according to their official website. Looks like Illinois may be added to that list soon. Maybe.

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