Please don't take this as me saying that St. Louis is innocent of something. As a matter of fact, in a new ranking of the most infested places in America, they're high on the list, but they're not alone. Two other Missouri destinations also got mentioned among the most infamous when it comes to dreaded bugs.

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You might recall that recently I shared a ranking by Orkin of the worst bed bug places in America. St. Louis was high on that list. This isn't that one. This is a new ranking by another pest control company Terminix. If you look at their "top 50", you'll see St. Louis again mentioned, but you'll see 2 Missouri places that didn't make the other list.

Infographic, Terminix
Infographic, Terminix

Stand up and accept my congratulations, Kansas City and Springfield, Missouri who can now join St. Louis as among the most "EW" destinations in America.

I think I can make a case that this is the worst vacation-defeating list you can possibly be on. When you know that a city is known for bed bugs in hotels and motels, it makes you want to buy a camper. The good news for most of us that actually live in Missouri is we can day trip to fun places in the big cities, then drive home and sleep in our (hopefully) bed bug-free homes.

Check out the full Terminix list for other cities (like Chicago) that you likely won't want to sleep in.

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