There's a brand new ranking of grocery stores in America for 2024 that's based purely on customer satisfaction. The store rated higher than any other now has 9 locations in Missouri.

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The American Customer Service Satisfaction Index has been an industry standard since 1994. For 30 years, they survey buyers and measure the top 19 grocery stores in America plus they also include smaller chains. Take a look at the different categories that they include in this ranking. It's daunting.

Infographic, American Customer Service Satisfaction Index
Infographic, American Customer Service Satisfaction Index

According to last year's ranking, the top grocery store chain was Trader Joe's, but not anymore.

In the new 2024 ranking, there's a new #1 grocery store based on their customer metrics. (*drum roll*)...and the winner is...Costco. Actually, the #1 ranking overall was a 3-way tie between Costco, H-E-B and Publix, but Costco was given the overall nod as the best.

According to Costco's site, they have 9 warehouses in Missouri in the following cities:

  • 2 in Kansas City
  • 1 in Independence
  • 3 in St. Louis
  • 1 in Manchester
  • 1 in St. Peters
  • 1 in Springfield

Will Costco expand beyond the larger cities in Missouri?

According to the Costco new locations site, there are 10 new warehouses scheduled to open in 2024, but none are currently announced for Missouri. That doesn't mean there won't be, just nothing to share right now.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index is an interesting read if you'd like to dig deep into why shoppers prefer Costco over any other in Missouri or any other state.

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