Built in the late 1800s for the commercial baker Lewis Dozier, the home is just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a price of history.

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This property is known as the NABISCO Mansion this home has been fully restored by the current owners who purchased the home 26 years ago. They didn't waste any money trying to bring this Gold-era home back to life. The basement is the coolest room in the entire home with a medieval-style feel you might think you're back in the 15th century.

LOOK INSIDE: NABISCO Golden-Era Mansion in Missouri

The mansion is listed for $2,150,000 and has eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms and over 12,000 square feet. I always so that with this mansion (not only can I never afford them) but the amount of furniture you have to buy to fill up just one giant room, and the style of furniture that you need especially for this house would just downright be crazy.

However, a house like this would like beautifully decorated for Christmas. Just think of all the Christmas dances you could have in the ballroom alone. I would have to hire a set designer for a Hallmark Christmas movie to come in and decorate the home. It would be fun to also have this as an Airbnb or a bed & breakfast. Whatever happens, it's just a part of history that someone will be excited to own.

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