The numbers are alarming...Illinois is losing people at a staggering rate, and this graph shows you exactly how many people have left your county in the last year.

If you want to see how many people left your county last year...CLICK HERE! 

You'll find a graph put together by the great people at Illinois Policy, they cover everything major that is happening in the Land of Lincoln. If you sift through the data you'll see an alarming trend of people leaving the state. This data is from July 2022 to July 2023, and only 15 counties in Illinois didn't lose population.

It is no surprise to me that the counties that gained residence are the good suburban counties surrounding Chicago, counties like McHenry, Kane, Will, and Kendall, those population gains seem directly related to people who no longer want to live in Cook County (aka Chicago) but they still want to be close to the city for work, entertainment, other reasons. The article does mention that overall Illinois lost 38,800 + residents from July 2022 to July 2023. To see all this information and to find out how many people left or came to your county last year, click here!

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This wound must be healed

This massive loss in population is completely unsustainable... The leaders of this state MUST act as quickly as possible to get this state headed in the right direction. Illinois has a long way to go to become a desirable living destination for good hard-working Americans. For us here in Adams County, we lost 115 people last year...We need to be gaining people to help our small communities not losing people, and sadly with the way the state is being currently run, I don't see that changing anytime soon...

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