During a stop in Quincy late Friday afternoon Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he wants to see western Illinois booming in the future and that this area will be a test.

This part of the state is wonderful because of its location, its access, and the work skills here. We got wonderful people, hard working families, great location with the river and the roads, and being near Iowa and Missouri and over to Chicago. This area can be and should be thriving. I'm going to make it a priority. I'll test how well I'm doing as Governor by how well this part of the state it doing. I want this area booming."

Rauner has advocated a service tax. He says that is just part of a proposed overhaul.

We have been advocating, I am recommending an overhaul of our tax code, comprehensive. We should look at everything, and everything should be on the table, and as part of our discussion with the General Assembly in the coming weeks. We'll be talking about overhauling the taxes here. The big issue we've got to do is freeze property taxes and move away from over-reliance on property taxes in Illinois. Property taxes are crushing homeowners in Illinois, and crushing our small businesses. It's the number one tax that is the most uncompetitive here, and I want to freeze property taxes and move more to general revenues from income tax and sales tax to support our schools and government services."