If you live in or near Illinois, you need to be aware of a drug-resistant fungus which is exploding in the state with new cases rising daily. Experts think it is quickly becoming a 'global threat'.

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I don't like to be alarmist, but awareness of what's happening in Illinois should be paid attention to at the least. This virus has become a news item that is garnering more attention as the cases rise. I saw the Irish Star refer to this fungus as "frightening" and they're not wrong. The fungus they're referring to is known as Candida auris. The CDC puts it simply when they say it's "an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat".

These are the number of cases of Candida auris just in the last 12 months. The redder the state, the more serious the outbreak. Notice the color of Illinois on the outbreak map.

Infographic, CDC
Infographic, CDC

That red represents between 500 and 1001 cases of Candida auris in Illinois in the past year and that's a problem. The CDC also shared this terrifying graphic showing this drug-resistant fungus has been responsible for over 1,700 deaths.

Infographic, CDC
Infographic, CDC

There are 5 statements the CDC has made in regards to this fungus which has reached troubling numbers in Illinois:

  • It causes serious infections.
  • It is often multidrug-resistant
  • It is becoming more common
  • It is difficult to identify.
  • It can spread and cause outbreaks in healthcare facilities.

This is one of those health issues that everyone needs to at least be aware is out there and in our part of America as we get further into 2024.

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