The Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board Wednesday issued an Intent to Deny an application by Quincy Medical Group to open a small-format hospital.

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The board told QMG officials they did not feel the new hospital would meet an unmet need and would create overlapping services.

Quincy Medical Group officials say the Intent to Deny is not uncommon for proposed projects, and allows QMG to submit additional information for the board’s consideration.

QMG CEO Carol Brockmiller said, “We appreciated the opportunity to present our proposed project today. Two members of the CON Board called the QMG Hospital project a ‘breath of fresh air’ and we couldn’t agree more. Limited healthcare options have resulted in Quincy-area residents paying disproportionately high rates for healthcare. We remain steadfast in our commitment to this project and our commitment to drive down healthcare costs in our community and make the very best in patient care accessible to all. We respect the HFSRB’s feedback on our project and look forward to providing additional information.”

Upon receipt of QMG’s additional information, the HFSRB staff will review and submit its findings to the HFSRB and issue a supplemental report. HFSRB rules requires six votes for project approval and six board members constitute a quorum. The Board allows for 11 members. Six of the seven current board members were present for the QMG Hospital project.

The proposed QMG Hospital would be on the campus of the Quincy Town Center, which is already home to the QMG Surgery Center and Cancer Institute.

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