There is no doubt that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the most gifted athletes in football. However, his decision to giveaway milkshakes has created a controversy. This is the funny story of how.

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I believe this story originated from The Kansas City Star that was just shared by AOL. It was a moment shared by Patrick during the Chiefs preseason game against Washington over the weekend. The word (according to Mr. Mahomes) is that he gifted milkshakes to his offensive line. What's the problem with that? Now, the receivers are ticked.

Are the Kansas City Chief receivers really that mad at Patrick Mahomes over being overlooked with his milkshake gifting?

No, not really. It was all for a laugh as Patrick now says that he will have to up his game (of gifting) to come up with something cool for the receiver corp. They quote him as saying “Yeah, they have a little bit more expensive tastes but I’m gonna keep it nice and easy".

Wide receivers and tight ends demand the bling. You don't want Travis Kelce mad at you do you, Patrick? With Tyreek Hill now being a Dolphin, gotta keep the guys who catch those scrambling passes appeased. It's not easy being a NFL quarterback in this era.

Everyone is laughing (including Patrick) and the Chiefs beat Washington, so here's hoping this is the most controversial moment of the Kansas City Chiefs upcoming season.

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