On Friday October 27th employee volunteers from the Hannibal Board of Public Works braved the cold weather and spent the day collecting trash throughout Sodalis Nature Reserve and Bear Creek that runs through the park. A grand total of 8,880 pounds of trash was removed from the area.

Of the trash collected: 79 tires, a few dozen mattresses, multiple rolls of carpet, an old washing machine, and a variety of other garbage and debris.

This year marks the third year employees have participated in a Fall Clean-Up at the Park. It was a collaborative effort between the Street Department and HBPW’s Stormwater Department in the planning and execution of the event. The success would not be possible without the willingness and hard work from all of the volunteers. Most volunteers were HBPW employees; there were also three volunteers from the Street Department, and two community service officers from HPD who joined in the effort.

Our natural resources are a gift and it is each of our responsibilities’ to maintain and preserve them. The need to respect the land and water, its inhabiting wildlife, and the recreating public is paramount. In a perfect world, people would not litter. In the meantime, we hope our Stream Team clean-up events reinforce the importance of accepting this responsibility.

For additional information please visit the ‘Stormwater Department’ link on the website at www.hannibalbpw.org.

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