The Hannibal Board of Public Works is apparently in the home stretch of restoring power to all of their customers hit by Thursday’s severe storm.

In a Facebook update Sunday night, BPW General Manager Darrin Gordon said that all major primary and secondary distribution lines have now been cleared and are safely in place.

Gordon expressed gratitude to linemen from other cities lending a hand, in particular linemen from Columbia who replaced a pole on Melgrove Lane, along with linemen from Shelbina and Palmyra who helped with service restorations.

As of Sunday night Gordon said that BPW is now able to focus entirely on service restorations.

Here are the updates Gordon posted on Facebook from Thursday evening through Sunday evening.

UPDATE: 8/12/21 7:00pm
Our Dispatch Department is continuing to answer as many calls as possible. Due to the vast number of outages across our service territory, restoration efforts are going to be significantly hindered. We have numerous reports of trees down, power lines down, and broken poles. We are continuing to assess the issues to attempt to restore power to our main circuits first and then work toward individual neighborhoods and homes. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to work through this storm event.
We are aware of multiple outages across our service territory at this time. We will begin to assess this issues when it is safe for crew members to do so. Multiple circuits are impacted by this storm so it may take longer than normal to get power restored. We appreciate your patience.

UPDATE: 8/13/21 7:30am
Crews worked well into the morning and are currently still out addressing smaller areas. All main circuits were restored, however there are several neighborhoods still without power. Due to the number of tree limbs on lines, the restoration time is taking longer than normal. Assistance through MPUA is in route to also assist with restoration efforts. We appreciate your patience as we continue to safely restore service.

5:43 pm. Friday
We want to give a HUGE thank you to all our customers for their patience and support! Assistance through MPUA has arrived and all crews are working around the clock to help speed up restoration. We appreciate your patience as we continue to safely restore service.

9:04 a.m. Saturday
A message from HBPW General Manager, Darrin Gordon:
All crews have reported and have been dispatched to the field early this morning. There are still primary and secondary lines that are down or compromised. Shelbina, Palmyra, and Columbia crews are repairing and reconstructing lines in concert with the HBPW crews. We have HBPW crews working on reconnects and we anticipate as the primaries are completed, the efforts will shift to reconnects. Our current outage estimate is 140 customers. Our goal is to have all crews working on only reconnects and individual homes by this evening. Again, we thank you for your patience and support as we continue to safely restore service.

848 p.m. Saturday
Second update from HBPW General Manager, Darrin Gordon:
The HBPW has continued to feverishly work to restore all customers to power. The electric crews have been assisted by the Palmyra, Shelbina, and Columbia linemen, along with Townsend Tree Service who has cleared a great path for us to restore power. This truly is a team effort, and many HBPW departments have jumped in and helped meet many needs, including the water and sewer crew members and administrative staff. We have approximately 50 people with services that need HBPW services to be reenergized. There are approximately 50 residents that need their own electrician to complete work so the HBPW can safely reenergize their meters.
There have been some frustrations voiced by some as to why they were not restored first, or that we did not provide better estimates as to their recovery. My answer is SAFETY. We have continued to blanket the area and respond to calls that have live wires on the ground and downed trees on primaries that we are being alerted to or finding just today. These are life threatening situations that we respond to immediately, and these situations take precedence over power renewal.
All crews are committed to work today until it is no longer safe, then return to work tomorrow until all power is restored or the day’s end. We deeply appreciate all the many kind words of encouragement and appreciation.

10 a.m. Sunday
Third update from HBPW General Manager, Darrin Gordon:
We have set out this morning to achieve 100% recovery by the end of day. If all goes well restoration could be achieved by early afternoon. We currently have approximately 40 customers that are waiting on HBPW efforts to restore power. In the Chestnut area, we are replacing two transformers first thing this morning. Once that is complete the Chestnut area services should be near 100% restoration. We have approximately ten customers that need their services repaired by their electrician before we can restore them to power.
***We have one pole that is a trunk line from our Indian Mounds Circuit. This is a main line that feeds the corridor with Walmart at its center. We will be repairing that pole today. Our crew plans to work on the line hot to avoid having to deenergize the area. If plans were to change and our crew must turn power off, we will notify on social media, along with contact businesses in the area to give notice.***
We again thank all who have worked so extremely hard to overcome this catastrophic event- Palmyra, Shelbina, and Columbia linemen, HBPW staff and all the Townsend tree trimmers from the surrounding area.
Most of all- Thank you to the citizens of Hannibal- you have been patient and understanding. We hope we have gained more of your trust as we have overcome this disaster together.

8 p.m. Sunday
Fourth update from HBPW General Manager, Darrin Gordon:
All major primary and secondary distribution lines have now been cleared and are safely in service. A major accomplishment was the replacement of a pole on Melgrove Lane by the Columbia linemen. Shelbina and Palmyra have continued to help with restorations and the making of customer services safe. We are now turned entirely to service restorations. We have been consistently and tirelessly responding to all customer calls and have responded to all created tickets.
A heart felt “Thank you” is due to all who have generously served. It has been great to see neighbor helping neighbor through this disaster.


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