Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley says “Senator Claire McCaskill must go.”  Hawley has his sights set on unseating the Democratic U.S. Senator. Should he win the August primary election, his name would appear on the November ballot.

Republican Hawley brought his family—and his campaign for Senate- to Hannibal’s Bleigh Ready-Mix plant Thursday evening. Over 50 people attended.

Missouri 5th District State Representative Lindell Shumake made opening comments, saying Claire McCaskill does not represent Missouri values.  He said McCaskill lives in a $3 million condo in D.C. and flies back and forth from Washington in a private jet. Shumake says McCaskill has a Hollywood fundraiser planned next month with President Obama and producer Steven Speilberg.

Shumake introduced the Hawley family: Josh, wife Erin, who is also an attorney, and their two boys Elijah and Blaise.  Josh and Erin Hawley met while both clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Erin Hawley took to the podium first.  She said not only is Josh a great lawyer, but a man of integrity, and a great husband and father.  She cited Josh’s work on the Hobby Lobby case that went to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Erin Hawley said winning that case was an important victory for religious rights. The decision reversed the Affordable Care Act requirement that businesses had to provide contraception coverage for employees, regardless of religious beliefs.  She also cited Josh’s work as Missouri Attorney General: taking on the opioid industry, and pushing to roll-back onerous federal regulations such as the Waters of the U.S. Rule. She said he is the first A.G. in the nation to take on Google for anti-consumer practices.

Next Josh Hawley spoke, saying he was honored to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with believers in the cause of liberty.  Hawley says he grew up in a small town similar to Hannibal, only on the other side of the state—Lexington.  He said the values of the heartland—honest work, honoring parents, church and school support, standing for the National Anthem, and honoring our fallen soldiers, are being disregarded by the D.C. establishment.  Hawley said Claire McCaskill is an eager partner in this process.

Hawley said the values of faith, dignity, work and service sustains the middle class, but they are in danger. He said Hollywood mocks the values and the flag, Wall Street colludes with government, and Washington is the worst of the bunch.  He said the" D.C. Cartel" has shipped middle class jobs overseas, while keeping middle class wages flat, healthcare costs are out of control, education costs have escalated, and opioid addiction is ravaging our cities.  All the while, Hawley says the political establishment hands out favors to lobbyists and well-connected lawyers.

Hawley says Claire McCaskill is the face of the Washington establishment as a partisan liberal Democrat.  He cited votes against tax cuts and securing our borders, while voting for raising health insurance, regulations that choke family farms and businesses, and making big banks bigger.  Hawley says McCaskill is the #1 recipient of money from lawyers and lobbyists in the entire U.S. Congress, the #1 recipient of money from Wall Street in the Senate, and receives considerable support from Hollywood.

As Senator, Hawley says he will take on the D.C. Cartel, fight to end the collusion of big government and big business, and defend the middle class.  Hawley also says he will fight for families, policies that support marriage, affordable education and skills training, and help parents fight Hollywood.  He says he will always fight to protect the unborn.  Above all, he would respect the “Missouri way of life.”


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