A Hannibal man is in the Marion County Jail on assault and other charges in connection with an incident that took place Tuesday.

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Hannibal Police report an officer was conducting a traffic stop in the 100 block of South Arch just before noon Tuesday.

During the course of the stop a man in the vehicle, 44 year old Robert Culp, left the vehicle and tried to leave the scene on foot.

The officer caught Culp, but he fought with the patrolman to keep from being detained.

Another man in the area tried to help Culp to get away from the officer.

Culp was able to get a knife from his pocket, but the officer was able to keep Culp from opening the blade.

Culp then threw the knife in the direction of the other man, and told the man repeatedly to kill the officer.

Additional officers quickly arrived and were able to take Culp and the other man into custody.

Warrants were issued Wednesday by the 10th Judicial Circuit Court of Marion County, charging Culp with second degree assault, armed criminal action and resisting arrest.

Culp remains in the Marion County Jail on $100,000 bond.

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