There are some very nice Missouri homes and then there are some that are truly "fancy". This is one of those as this Missouri place has its own elevator.

I found a new video share on YouTube of 8300 Kingsbury Boulevard in Clayton, Missouri. The elevator which goes to all 3 levels of the house is only part of the story of this beautiful property.

This Fancy Missouri Home Even Has its Own Elevator

I located this gorgeous home on Realtor and see that as of this writing, it's available for a cool $2,199,000. Here's a key phrase from the listing description:

En-suite bedrooms 2, 3 & 4, plus a 2nd floor laundry & ELEVATOR to 3 levels makes life so easy.

Yes, I'd put ELEVATOR in all caps too if this were my home as that would mean me and stairs would no longer have to spend time together.

Check out the full Realtor listing for pics and more details.

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