You can learn a lot from a porch light. While they are normally associated with illuminating a door and/or walkway, they also can serve as a warning. If you see a flashing porch light in Missouri, you need to call the police as soon as possible. This is why.

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As I've shared before, porch light colors are important. Some Missouri families have purple ones to raise awareness of domestic abuse. In February, you'll often see red ones to celebrate Valentine's Day or heart health awareness month. But, if you see a flashing porch light, pay special attention as it could mean big trouble for the people in that home.

What does a flashing porch light in Missouri mean?

The website Storables mentions that a flashing porch light likely means only one thing: it's a motion-sensing light that indicates someone or something is trying to break into a home.

Restore Decor and More shared the story of how one blinking porch light actually saved a life. They shared a story from the Independent Mail about an elderly woman who's hip had given out and she collapsed by her door. She was able to reach the light switch and kept flashing it on and off until someone was able to rescue her.

One other thing to note. Depending on how the light is flashing can determine if you're seeing a Missouri emergency or it's just faulty wiring or a bulb that's failing. If you see a dimming light, it's probably just bulb issues. But, a constant regular flashing likely means it detects potential trouble for whoever lives there.

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