We already know that feral hogs are a big problem in Missouri, but there are new signs that experts say shows these wild pigs are trying to take over. It's not just Missouri either, but many other parts of America, too.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says that eradicating the feral hog problem in Missouri is difficult since most exist in remote areas.

It appears the wild pig problem is getting worse. There's a brand new story from the Tampa Bay Times just published yesterday that says these feral hogs have taken over Florida and this is exactly what they predict will happen in other states including Missouri. They call it a 'feral swine bomb' and say we're witnessing a "devastating population explosion".

This is especially a problem in Missouri as the feral hog populations are damaging farm fields and are migrating close and closer to cities and population centers.

The state of Missouri doesn't want you to shoot feral hogs if you see them, but they do want you to report them. They say "Hogs are social animals that travel in groups called sounders. Shooting one or two hogs scatters the sounder and makes trapping efforts aimed at catching the entire group at once more difficult".

The feral hog issue has been a problem in Missouri for decades and it appears it's reaching a critical juncture where someone will need to come up with a solution before the 'population explosion' endangers all of Missouri and not just the remote areas.

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