Gas is high, taxes are high, and the roads are (well let’s be honest) crap, but there are a few things that make Illinois a lucky place to live.

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Food, history, architecture, sports, and did I mention food. See I'm a half glass full type of gal, always looking for the positive in things, when there is negative all around. Illinois has Michael Jordan, tenderloins, deep dish pizza, (ugh and I guess I have to mention) the World Series Champions Chicago Cubs. 

I mean, we are home to one of the best presidents to ever hold the position, Abe Lincoln. So, yes, there is A LOT to complain about living in Illinois, but there is also a lot to be lucky about. I know I only came up with seven, but I am sure there are a few others that I couldn't think of. So, let’s have some fun, here's why I think living in Illinois is fun!

Don't Complain: 7 Reasons Why You're Lucky To Be Living in Illinois

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