I am not what most would consider an investor, so perhaps I'm not the appropriate messenger or questioner about why Missouri residents are suddenly buying up gold bars like they're going out of style.

This is a question that was just asked by DNYUZ. They say this snapping up of gold bars is happening at a curious place - Costco. The Costco corporate site shows there are 9 of their warehouses in Missouri as of this writing.

Infographic, Costco
Infographic, Costco

Here's the curious thing. Since Costco started selling gold bars last October, Missourians can't seem to get enough of them. There was an estimate that $200 million in gold bars have been sold by Costco in just 6 months. The word is that a good portion of these are being snapped up in Missouri locations.

I've been trying to figure out why Missouri would suddenly become a hot bed for gold seekers and found something interesting. Schiff Gold says there is a proposal in Missouri to eliminate capital gains from gold. I checked the Missouri House of Representatives website and can't find any movement on this bill, but could it be that this is inspiring gold investors in the state?

I would never and am not giving financial or investment advice. You'll find plenty of people who think buying gold is a great idea and an equal amount that think it's ridiculous.

I've heard it said that gold is a good investment if you think a financial crisis is looming. Could it be that many in Missouri believe the end is near? Something appears to be inspiring some in the Show Me State be on a gold-buying spree. Time will tell if it continues or not.

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