Life can be kinda wild in DeKalb, Illinois. When I say "wild", I mean wildlife as police recently warned the public that a black bear has been spotted in the city.

I saw this on the Illinois sub-Reddit site. They reported that the DeKalb Police Department had made a very unique announcement on Facebook.

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Reddit users had a field day with this one. Here are a couple of very special comments:

ZippyMcLintball - "I guess they're having second thoughts about Arlington Heights"

stormykara - "Excuse me, that's a tuition paying student of NIU!"

Others said this was an indication that we need less concrete in cities and more bear-friendly greenery. That makes sense as we want the bears to be as comfortable in the city where people live as possible. (*sarcasm*)

If you're familiar with DeKalb, you know it's not known for having a lot of wilderness areas where bears would expect to be found, but there are more trees than you might think.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

Just a heads up that if you travel through or to DeKalb and see a more furry than normal person, it's likely not a person. If you have family there, might instruct them to keep their jarred honey out of the windows, too.

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