Four of the defendants have been dismissed from lawsuits filed in connection with the sale of unpasteurized cider at the Pike County Color Drive three years ago.

In Pike County Circuit Court, Judge Frank McCartney dropped the suits against the Pike County Chamber of Commerce and organizers Peggy Hill, Marilyn Hyde and Barb Brown.

McCartney ruled that the chamber is protected from negligence suits by the Tort Immunity Act, and the three individuals are volunteers and protected under the federal Volunteer Protection Act.

The suits were filed by four individuals when they got sick after drinking contaminated cider sold by Steven and Linda Yoder of Yoder Brothers Dairy Farm at a stand in Barry during the 2015 color drive.

The court denied a motion by the Yoder’s to have the suits dismissed.
The Color Drive Committee is also named as a defendant in the suits.

The committee recently announced that the color drive has been cancelled for 2018.

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