Very rarely does California do something that Missouri would copy, but this is one of those laws that Missouri will absolutely consider copying. Here are the details...

According to an article from the Los Angeles Times, the city of Huntington Beach, California has just passed a law that feels like it could be copied in towns across the Show-Me State. The law prohibits ANY flags from flying on city flag poles that aren't the American Flag.

The article mentions that this has no impact on private residences or flag poles at your business/home, but how this would be for city buildings and city flag poles. The law would allow certain other government flags on the city flag poles beside the American flag, but any non-official flag (aka Pride Flags) would not be put on city-run flag poles. To read more about this story, click here!

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Do you agree with this law?

I have ZERO problems with this law. There is pushback from Pride Groups because they feel this is a way to discriminate against them. But I would argue if the ONLY flags that ever get put up on the flag poles at the city are the State flag, the City's flag, and the American flag, then that is the BEST way to make sure no one ever feels discriminated against. You are only displaying the flags that everyone can associate with, every American is represented by the American flag, whereas specific flags for specific causes isolate people who aren't represented by that cause, everyone is represented by the American flag.

Will cities in Missouri, and other states, follow the lead of Huntington Beach, California? I don't know, but do you think this law is a good idea, or should it be reversed?

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