I was always under the impression that prior to a tornado impacting an area there would be at least some kind of warning. That process apparently wasn't followed Monday as a tornado touched down near Branson, Missouri with no warning whatsoever based on many who witnessed it.

First, watch video shared by Weather Nation of this twister that impacted the Branson, Missouri area near a golf course and the airport.

If you look at the status update from the National Weather Service in Springfield, Missouri, you'll see hundreds of comments from Branson, Missouri residents who were questioning why there was no tornado warning issued by the NWS.

So many questions, but also some thoughts first. Missouri weather is wildly unpredictable. We know this. Also, meteorologists really don't get the credit they deserve for the hard work they do. My wife is one, so I know. They get blamed when weather goes wrong and few thank them when they accurately predict what happens.

All that being said, how in the world can a tornado touch down in Branson, Missouri with no advisory at all? Normally a warning is issued if a storm even shows sufficient rotation. Did no one see this coming?

Fortunately, it appears that no serious damage or injuries happened, but what if a much more serious twister hit instead of this one?

There are lots of questions we may never have answers to unless the National Weather Service in Springfield is transparent about what happened Monday there.

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