Ballot shortages mar the Illinois primary in Adams County.

The presidential primaries and a race for Adams County State’s Attorney on the Republican ballot helped drive up turnout. The polling place at Salem Church in Quincy was out of Democrat ballots by shortly after 1 p-m. Some additional Democrat ballots were delivered around 1:45. Reports indicate that the Illinois Veterans Home site started the day with only 100 ballots. They were out by around 4 p-m

Adams County Clerk Chuck Venvertloh says he expected a 35 to 40-percent voter turnout, but ended up with more than 60-percent. The ballot shortage affected all 74 precincts in Adams County.

Some voters were able to vote quickly. Others had a lengthy wait. Others gave up and did not vote.

Final official results on the Adams County State’s Attorney race may not be available until Thursday.