If you've wondered about how our travels along the Pike County, Illinois Trail of Tenderloins is going, here is an update.

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The last time we checked in, we had been to three of the eleven stops on the trail -  Rumors Have It and Teddy's in Griggsville and Wattsup Cafe in Nebo.

Our tenderloin count now stands at seven. Here are the most recent stops:

The Riverbank Bar and Grill - Florence

TSM Photo

Right before you cross the Illinois River into Scott County on Highway 106, you'll find The Riverbank. They say they're, "on the Illinois River and sometimes in it."

TSM Photo

Their tenderloin was among the best we've had. On the five-star scale, I would say four-and-a-quarter. The onion rings are pretty good, too.

The Atlas Cafe - Atlas

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If you know Pike County, you know Atlas was the original county seat 200 years ago. Now it's a very small town at a pretty busy intersection - Illinois 96 and U.S. 54.

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Just so you know, we've made it a point to have all our tenderloins with the same extras - lettuce, tomato and pickle, for whatever that's worth.

Atlas' tenderloin was about a three-and-three-quarters.

Courtyard Cafe - Pittsfield

TSM Photo

You'll find these folks on the north side of the courthouse square, hence the name.

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They were quite proud of their tenderloin, for good reason. A solid three-and-a-half.

The Hook - Kinderhook

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The quintessential small town diner with the atmosphere to match.

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I would also give their tenderloin a three-and-a-half.

If you're keeping score, after seven stops, my top three are The Riverbank, Rumors Have It and Atlas Cafe.

Although the promoters of the trail, The Pike County Chamber of Commerce, are saying you only need to make nine stops to qualify for fabulous prizes, we're going for all eleven. That would leave Fat Boys at Pike Station, The Stagecoach Inn in Pleasant Hill, The Copperhead in New Canton and The Bainbridge Cafe in Barry.

Stay tuned.

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