Updated river crest forecasts from the National Weather Service has prompted the decision to install all of Hannibal's flood gates later this week.

Hannibal Emergency Management Director John Hark announced Tuesday that the predicted crest of 21.7 feet next Wednesday necessitates the installation of all the gates, beginning at 8 a.m. Friday.

As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, the stage on the Mississippi River at Hannibal stood at 15.04 feet. Flood stage is 16 feet. Flood gates go in when the predicted crest exceeds 20.5 feet.

The updated stages, flood stages and crests for our stretch of the Mississippi, as of mid afternoon Tuesday:

Canton - 11.4/14.0/20.1 March 20

Quincy - 14.1/17.0/23.2 March 20

Hannibal - 14.04/16.0/21.7 March 20

Louisiana - 14.3/15.0/20.7 March 22

Clarksville - 24.42/25.0/31.7 March 22

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